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 Rapid Antigen covid-19 testing

Tests will only show active infection

Tests are not to determine if you've had COVID-19 in the past

Lab-Based PCR Covid-19 Testing

Cost: $0

Results typically available within 48-72 hours

Lab-based PCR results (self-collection kits and observed) are typically expected within 48-72 hours. They are not guaranteed within a specific time frame. Shipping, weather, or other unforeseen events may impact turnaround time.

If you have a health condition that would limit your ability to perform the specimen capture, please bring someone to assist you. If a child is getting tested, an adult should be present to capture the specimen.

*Granite Falls Pharm-A-Save is a collection site for Lab-Based PCR tests provided through eTrueNorth and Scheduling and results are not available at the pharmacy.

After booking appointment, please come through the drive-thru with your printed voucher at your scheduled time and remain in your vehicle while being tested.

RaPid Covid-19 Testing

Cost: $50

Results typically available within 30 minutes

This test has 64% sensitivity and near 100% specificity for symptomatic patients.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and have a negative test result, it is recommended that a PCR test be performed.

*Scheduling, Testing, Processing, and Results are performed and reported to patients directly from Pharm-A-Save Granite Falls within 2-4 hours after your appointment time.

After booking appointment, please remain in your vehicle and come to the drive through to initiate the process.

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